Who will own machines for abundance?

Control and Automation bringing freedom for all.


First of all, this is not a discussion about a specific field of technology. This is about a new Aeon (αἰών (aión)). What Ubuntu Bots wants to bring into discussion is the fact that we already have resources and technology to thrive, as humans in earth, by programming machines to work for us and helping us to protect nature and all living creatures.

I believe interaction between human and machines to produce food and other resources will not disappear in the future. It is true to say that machines are now programed to maintain and repair other machines, and it is possible to reach the goal of not having to work with machines at all, and have abundance in a world without jobs. But this will sound more like a dream for most of us today. For now, we should focus on learning what is needed to reach this goal, enjoy the process of developing systems to bring abundance and decide, as humans on earth, who should own machines and production. And because we have a lot to learn and talk about, we will be blessed by meeting and working with new people everyday, sharing earth as one. This process of sharing love and knowledge will be the "job" of next generations, maintaining connections between humans and systems that provide abundance.

Ask yourself what we are teaching our children in schools or what we are learning at college. Why can't we avoid the rush? Why have we spent most of our lives working instead of spending more time with parents and loved ones? Why some people have 2 jobs and no social life at all? Are you free? Why can't Indians walk free on earth? Do you know the meaning of borders and flags? Are you proud or have faith in your Government? Can humans self govern communities, without Presidents and other politicians?

Well, I am afraid to say but sounds like we are trained to compete instead of collaborate. And this is sad. Don't you think? Since my young years I never really understood the need for competition and my interest in the Open Source movement and the Free Software Foundation showed me during my research that there were people experimenting with collaboration. The Linux Community is a great example of success. Skilled people using their best abilities to develop free operating systems to everyone, mostly at no cost for end users. Costs are usually related to support and services such as installation, setup and maintenance.

If you research and have a open mind you will find facts proving that competition produces too much waste, increase probability for starvation, destroys relationships and many other bad consequences for the society, including number of deaths.

But "The Game" is changing. The Open Source Movement is driving the world to a better society. We are becoming more productive, by creating new thinkers and developers. People with an Open Mind, who is not afraid of sharing knowledge, is working together to thrive.

Collaboration on the other hand brings abundance. Is the art of sharing. Ask yourself how virtual members from all countries can meet online, detached from timelines, working as much as they want or can, in different time zones, can produce something that many others will use for free. Does it sound good for you? If yes, you are at the correct place. At Ubuntu Bots we will do the best to help you jumping in on this thriving community.


Open-source software (OSS) is a type of computer software whose source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open-source software may be developed in a collaborative public manner. But Open Source is not only about software. We can easily find Open Source Hardware (OSH) also available on the market. There are companies who build machines, computers and electronic components with embed OSS, or at least ready to load it. OSH is cheaper comparing to other proprietary machines, computers or electronics, because the cost is attached to hardware and labor to assemble and sell it. Cheaper is good, right? Well, this is not all. Because OSH is ready to load any OSS, the same machine, computer or electronic device can be adapted to meet your needs, by you if you have the skills for or by someone you hire to customize it for you. By reusing the original code, you can add, remove or improve functions embed in the system.

Different than traditional ways of doing things, Open Source Community is always jump starting and fast tracking ideas. Counts with wisdom of the crowd using brains from many people filled with many different disciplines as opposed to an individual or a small group, facilitating that kind of sharing and collaboration much more easily than doing in a proprietary way.

By doing this the community works on projects that impacts humanity as a whole. Does it sound like Paradise? Well... Paradise is also a name of a Book written in 1836, by John Adolphus Etzler. The book is addressed to all intelligent human beings and explains why and how we should build Paradise, within the reach of all, without labor, by power of nature and machinery. This idea is so old that the book now has an international public license and anyone can download, read and use content as needed.

State of Art of family's Open Source food production systems

I invite you to ask yourself why food needs to travel long distances, even over seas, to reach our tables. Please, also ask yourself if makes sense for a nation to starve to death in consequence of closed borders. It is sad, but we (humans) failed. Most people today are not able to produce enough food for themselves. Ask yourself if it makes sense that people are starving to death because of a monetary system blackout. What will happen to your life if we face Internet blackout?

Open Government, Open Source Technologies and Resource Based Economy are a reality, here in Brazil and many other countries. Be informed.

Are you ready? Join us.