Ubuntu Bots

Helping you to thrive using Open Source solutions.

Developing low cost control and automation for software and hardware. We also provide consulting for Engineering, Open ERP, IT, DIY, IoT, Block Chain, Big Data and much more.

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For you

Schedule private training for you. Don't be scared of being a Geek. Learn how to choose your computers and equipments.

For family or group

We can help your family or group to learn how to use control and automation to help you maintain or improve your house, green house, farm or community.

For your organization

For startups that want to use Open Source ERP/MRP/CRM integrated with website builder, Forum, Information Channels, Blogs... We have a full Open Source solution for you.

Before production start

Helping you to better plan your strategy


We offer training for individuals and groups. See more on training menu. If you don't find what you need, please suggest at forum.


We will provide low cost Open Source solutions for your business plan. The infrastructure is based on Ubuntu Linux and is open for you to scale and modify to match your needs.


We will develop control and automation connected to your business infrastructure, providing you real time measurements from your production at your screen when you need it.

After production start

Helping you to maintain, review and improve results


We will create, review or manage your maintenance plan. Reducing unexpected repairs events. Allowing you  to have more accurate budgets.


We will do inspections and report stress, point of failure, over-current, temperature leaks and more. Camera Flir is available for faster and more accurate inspections and reports. 


We will be glad to assist doing unexpected repairs. Contact us in case of emergencies. We know emergencies are not supposed to happen, but we will do our best to assist if any.