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Bilingual Engineer (Portuguese-BR and English) with significant experience in Manufacturing Engineering.

Background includes TI administration and support experiences. Proven leadership capabilities, coordinating manufacturing engineers for stamping and body shop process. An effective communicator and team leader skilled at ensuring that compliance and adherence to environmental standards and impact targets are integrated as a fundamental part of successful projects. Adept in cost, negotiations, running changes, technical evaluation and inventory interface (ERP / MRP). Recognized by multinational aircraft seat industry as instrumental in turning the South America customer perspective, increasing satisfaction regarding support, maintenance plan proposals and spare part orders. Strong analytical skills and business instincts and the ability to manage a wide variety of activities and staff towards a common goal. Expert at delivering simultaneous, large-scale projects within budget and time constraints while leading technical teams in providing innovative business solutions.

Gustavo Almeida
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3D CAD Math Geometry Por
Gustavo Almeida
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ROS Robot Por
Gustavo Almeida
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automation jobs Por
Gustavo Almeida
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