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We are in the center or the discussion about jobs and automation. Do we need jobs? Will automation end jobs?

Well... There is no need to be scared when we are prepared. Also, automation is able to reduce labor hours, increasing productivity and profit for businesses, allowing better payment for individuals in a fair market.

Our Team

Our Team

Gustavo Almeida
Rogério dos Santos
Parceiro de Desenvolvimento de Negócios e Projetos

It is all about using free software for development

We create together and for all

The name Ubuntu Bots makes reference to an ancient life philosophy (Ubuntu), from a time money was not around us yet. Control and Automation is part of inspiration and mission. You might be asking yourself what Ubuntu has to do with Control and Automation. So, let me tell you a quick history.

When did I hear about Ubuntu for the first time? Answer is: "I was looking for a Linux distribution and found Ubuntu Linux". By that time I did not know about the Ubuntu Philosophy, but the sound of it made me curious. I instantly found the perfect distribution of Open Source Operational System for my computers. See more at: ubuntu.com, and please donate and support Ubuntu Linux if you appreciate. And have in mind Ubuntu Bots uses Ubuntu Desktop and Server versions 16.04 LTS. See more at Official Ubuntu Documentation.

Fact is the African Ubuntu message was clear on Ubuntu Linux page by the time of the launch. Ubuntu Linux is Debian based Linux, in use by great organizations and delivering great solutions for free. Yes, for free. The same for Edubuntu Linux, that has extra applications for students ant teaches. But I would recommends for kids to use at home also, of course. Full of free educational games and software to help kids to understand Physics, Math, Chemistry, and much more. Please consider supporting them also.

I can't forget to mention the Free Software Foundation and GNU Operating System as big players of free software movement.

“Ubuntu” is an African expression of ancient wisdom, which is echoed by all ancient civilizations. It simply means “unity within community” where everyone contributes their natural talents or skills for the greater benefit of all.

In my opinion, there is no better philosophy for the free software movement and Open Source Solutions (OSS). It is just the perfect match. But you might be afraid to use it now. Most of people think high tech is only for Geeks or Nerds, but the open source movement is about virtual communities developing for the benefit of all, working together and strong focusing on thriving as one planet.

Just don't be afraid. Open Source technologies always have available documentation to public. Offers free access to software, instructions for installation, source codes for security inspections and/or community approval, forums to help users, forum for developers, and many other tools to connect and push people towards a public goal. Does it sound like Ubuntu? Follow me on a quick journey, watching a few videos from great messengers and activists who believes we are here to thrive as one.

But first of all, I need to send my special thanks for the Farmbot Team, with who I would love to consider as partners. I heard from many people lately that Food Revolution is the way to go. Teaching kids how to grow food and plan cities to produce free food for all, is in my opinion the best strategy to heal the planet. 


Farm Bot

  This is an example of Open Source hardware and software developed by community to community. A codeless example for users. All you need is to assemble it and connect to server. 

I highly recommend liking the video, subscribing and sharing. And if you are an entry level user and want one, consider buying for developers. But if for any reason is not feasible to ship to you. You may buy hardware locally and build you own.


The Thrive Movement

The planet is a complex machine full of control and automation. A machine capable for healing itself and provide food security for all living creatures.

We are the change, the change is here and now. 

The Ubuntu Workshop

After a few years studding the Contributionism concept shared by Michael Tellinger, I decided to join him at Vermont-USA for a workshop and consciousness festival. Where I was introduced to amazing people, who I hope to be connected forever.

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Here you can watch 5 hours of content about Contributionism and the preparation for One Small Town project.


One Small Town

Watch the video, and don't forget to stay tuned and sign up at Ubuntu Planet - The Ubuntu Liberation Movement network. You will also find me there. Also you might be surprised finding out there is Ubuntu members around you, supporting the movement.

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Now imagine Community Owned Open Source Control and Automation (COOSCA) serving the people. Helping to create abundance, reducing physical labor, danger, and ending unwanted jobs.

But where does Control and Automation fits in this plan? Well... you might think control and automation requires high tech equipments that are expensive, but this is not true. It is possible to have automation even if not using electronics. And having electronics, does not mean you will be spending a lot of money. There is also Open Source hardware available in the market. Using Open Source software and hardware you can really push costs down, and the greatest investment is the time of skilled professionals, that can be me or yourself.

Control and Automation is everywhere

For a better understanding I encourage you watch this video from CGP Grey, and...

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After getting back to Brazil, my home country, while waiting for Michael's visit I started to look for members in Brazil and met Daniel Konzett.

Partnership Ubuntu Brazil & Ubuntu Bots. The perfect match for COOSCA development.


Ubuntu Brazil

 Ubuntu Liberation Movement in Brazil. Daniel Konzett, dedicated years of work to spread the message in Brazil. Highly skilled in bio construction  and eco friendly food production. He created the concept he calls "Smart Reforestation". Also founder of Ubuntu Bio Academy, he collected hundreds of e-books about alternative food and energy production.

Contact Ubuntu Brazil at Facebook Page.