At Ubuntu Bots Forum you can find the areas of development now open. You are welcome to participate describing the help you need and asking questions.

If you don't feel like exposing your project or need at Forum, you may send a message to at "Contact Us" page.

Our consulting services are meant to help who is willing to create a great product or process, based on Open Source technologies and also willing to learn Ubuntu Linux and related Open Source Technologies.

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Ubuntu Bots

Infrastructure and Strategy

In order to provide better communication with costumers, the Ubuntu Bots website is running  Odoo 10 Community, which is an Open ERP. It is great for development groups and Start Ups. Also perfect for RBE Communities, who needs to have a great communication platform, integrated with Project Management, Warehouse Management, Maintenance Management, Repair Management, and other modules.

You can be safe navigating on Ubuntu Bots and meeting people that might join your projects, and contribute. Note we have CA SSL Certificate and McAfee SECURE monitoring threats.

It is all for you, to help you thrive with Open Source Solutions.

Are you creating a team for Development? If yes, I have great news for you. If you and your team have skills and is ready to Rock n Roll, talk to your team. And ask us how to get access to modules. Or you can have your own like it is offered for Start Ups.

Do you have a Start Up or want to create one? If yes, I also have great news for you. I will be able to install a server just like the one used for Ubuntu Bots, and provide assistance to your team up to the point you can run it by yourself.