What if you could add accuracy and to your inspections and also save time?

Yes, thermal cameras can change the way we do inspections and Ubuntu Bots knows it. Equipped with the latest technologies and and more than 10 years of experience in inspections, you can save time and money asking for our help.

Let us be the light in darkness. We will report possible failures before it happens, and help you schedule and review your maintenance based on reports.

FLIR™ camera - Operational limits:

  • Measure temperatures from -20°C degrees to 120°C degrees

  • Measure temperature to 30m distance

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FLIR™ Lepton

Thermal cameras can reveal moisture intrusion, missing insulation, and many other problems and check out FLIR's latest innovations in building inspection tools.

MSX Technology

Multi Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX). This new feature produces an extremely detail rich image. MSX produces better texture in a thermal image.

13MP Autofocus

FLIR™ Lepton camera, this world first technology allows you to bring another level of accuracy and reporting to your equipment and environment.