We support the free software movement, developing software to share and improve using contributionism. Teams are welcome to join us, participating as an internal user for Project Management Module.

A Quick Guide to GPLv3

GNU Operating System

Powered by Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS


See how Odoo Project Management can help your team to run and share projects. Find an introduction on this video from Odoo Official Developers. Like their videos, subscribe for learn more and participate on Odoo Webinars. Try it now with us. Time is now! 

Contact Network. To help you managing your team and projects, you have access to an integrated messenger where you can look on contacts available. We recommend users to add "Internal Notes" to your own contact. Explaining your skills and interests. Others will be able to understand if you could be helpful to fulfill a position on a team for a specific project and invite you to participate.

Public Channels, Private Channels and Chat. Using the Messenger Module you can create different type of channels. Channels can be public or private. You can create private channels to inform your team without others to see. Mostly used by teams that are trying Odoo as a platform for a Start Up. But we should be encouraged to use public channels to allow a better flow of contributionism. Also, you can use direct messages to users, allowing you to have pop up chat with chat history when moving to another module, helping you to have a partner chat to work with you on a task or anything else.

Calendar, Meetings and Events. During  the communication process you can easily go to calendar create an event and save it. By editing you can add followers, set date, time, description and much more. Followers added by you will receive a notification of your invitation by email, and a few links including the one to accept it. Allowing users to accept invitations and quickly reply to urgent tasks by email, without the need of logging in using a computer.

Time sheets, Dashboards, Virtual Warehouse for Shared Resources, Bill of Material, Manufacturing, Maintenance Plans, Repairs Management and more... . I got tired of typing now... lol 

Yes you will have all this if you want to participate as an internal user. But you need to agree with us on sharing your knowledge to help others to thrive. Time sheets can measure the amount of time spent on tasks, per user. Dashboards will bring statistics of efforts, shared stocks, bill of material and manufacturing orders will help validating costs and prices. Manufacturing will provide details on how to build equipments or even prepare a delicious juices from your garden, maintenance will help you to keep track of schedule maintenance, by email notification. And Repairs will share knowledge and tips for repairing all kind of stuff. Would you agree to share all this with others? Well... If yes. You are in the right place.