Get some training!!!

If you are new into Open Source Development and need some guidance, we would like to offer a hand. And welcome to the Free Software world.

You will learn how the Open Source Software can provide you the resources you need to thrive. You will learn about sharing knowledge or learning how to find knowledge, how to study, to implement ideas, how to test and improve the concepts.

Training can also be related to the way we communicate, share ideas, validate concepts, make agreements, define tasks for projects, review work flow, assign tasks to someone, lead your team, help your partners, measure and share results and the list go on and on...

Have you ever tried to understand how Open Source communities are working together globally to deliver free software for all?

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        What are Open Source Solutions?

        The perfect mix of Open Hardware and Open Software to create Control and Automation.

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        Learning with Tux

        Guidance to help your children to have a early start in computer science. Ubuntu Linux can run in old computers you don't use anymore. Do you have a old computer your are not using? Children will be motivated to learn, and be able to download many educational software and games, for free.

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        Go free with Open Source

        Learn how to use Open Source technology in other to try different Operational Systems and Hardware Architecture to build new technologies for you, your house, your family, community, farm or company.

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        Speed up our Startup

        Learn about the best Open ERP and have a complete Open ERP solution, to unleash the power of co-working. Not convinced? Do you want to try, contact us. You are welcome. Ubuntu Bots is powered by Odoo 10 Community. Try it working with us.